5 Reasons to give street food a shot when travelling

Experimenting with food is one important aspect of globetrotting! What is travel without tickling your taste buds the exquisite local cuisine? We recently went to Food Festivals in Las Vegas and it was brilliant. Tasting food shouldn’t be limited only to the hot-shot, top restaurants of the destination; street food must be given a try too! And why should you do that – we’ve got enough reasons to convince you! Let’s get started!


It’s exquisite:
Any of the top restaurants cannot replicate the taste which street food carts come up with! And this fact remains constant throughout the world. Street food has that authentic taste, which is the original taste of that delicacy and not something that’s upgraded or with a twist. It’s real, it’s as it should be – and that’s why you shouldn’t miss it!

Authentic food:
Most of the food carts on the streets are hoisted up by locals – and this means you are consuming the actual dish, with its taste and all intact! The locals know how to make these dishes best – the recipes have probably been carried down for generations together! So you’re rest assured that what’s being served to you is original.


Taste of culture:
The weather, climate, crop systems, farming – all influence the food that’s prepared in a particular place. And you won’t find the same cuisines anywhere else. Like it’s said – Food patterns and trends change every 2 miles. So when you’re eating this food, you’re actually having a taste of the culture of the place you’re visiting!

Cheap and filling:
Why shell out a bomb on those expensive restaurants which serve you teeny portions of food when you can get a wholesome, filling meal on the street food cart right outside it?! Street food is cheap, and you get to enjoy an excellent hearty, tasty meal too!


Perfect for travellers’ hunger pangs:
Street food is the ideal fix for travellers hunger pangs, which generally arise after roaming around, exploring the city. So what do you do when you suddenly feel hungry in the middle of your exploration expedition? Wait to go back to your hotel or just stop by the nearest food cart and enjoy a sumptuous meal right there? The latter seems perfect!